Bitcoin Gambling Sites

According to recent statistics, it has been shown that a staggering 50 – 60% of all bitcoin transactions over the internet are associated with online gambling. This bears testimony to rate at which bitcoin casinos are gaining traction and popularity among online gamblers. In fact, the growth in the user base of bitcoin casinos has reached such a magnitude that it is projected that bitcoin casinos will take over from traditional, well – settled, proven online casinos as the favorite and most popular types of online casinos in just a few years’ time.

So why is it that bitcoin casinos (click here) are getting all this traffic of late, you ask? Are the games better? Do they have better promotional campaigns? Is the customer service network more extensive and intuitive? The truth of the matter is that, the only comprehensible reason for the massive surge in usage with respect to bitcoin casinos can simply be attributed to the fact that they use and allow bitcoins as a mode of payment. So the next question is, what is it about bitcoin payments that people prefer so much? Well, the bitcoin has many advantages and reigns supreme over traditional forms of currencies and modes of payment, and especially so with relation to online gambling. In this article we will talk about the advantages of the bitcoin and how it has single handedly propelled the bitcoin casino market in such an astonishingly short period of time to such immense heights.

Divisibility: Bitcoins by its sheer value allows for the gambler to make bets that can vary from very large to very small. As of the day of writing, one bitcoin is equal to $656.11 US dollars, and while this is a rather substantial amount of money, the bitcoin can be divided to the smallest fraction of 0.000000001.

No restrictive jurisdictions: Many banks will decline debit\credit and other transactions having to do with paying an online gambling website in many parts of the world. Essentially what this means is there is no way for people living in such parts of the globe to partake in online gambling. However, by using bitcoins, this problem can be overcome as the banks cannot regulate this and the issue of restrictive jurisdiction is completely wiped out.

Legality: Because of the lack of regulations people tend to imagine that bitcoins are either illegal or is still in the gray legal zone, however, the truth is that the bitcoin is perfectly legal not just in the United States but throughout the world.

Free transactions: We are all well aware and used to our banks charging us transaction fees for every single deposit and withdrawal and if you think about it, over a long period of time, these seemingly small fee’s accumulate to one big, substantial amount of money. Using bitcoins will save you a ton of money in the long run since they are free of transaction fees and processing fees. Sign up for a bitcoin casino today) and reap the benefits.